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The Cost of Colic Due to Cow's Milk Allergy (CMA)

New Study Shows Moms Would Have "Paid Anything" to Help Their Baby with CMA and/or Colic Due to CMA

Parents and caregivers of infants with CMA are challenged to provide complete nutrition at a time of life when breast milk or infant formula is a mainstay of the baby's diet. Not surprisingly, a recent survey revealed a range of emotions felt by moms during this time, including feeling frustrated (49 percent), overwhelmed (33 percent) and anxious (28 percent).

The survey of 1,289 American mothers whose child suffered from colic and/or CMA revealed price as the number one complaint about hypoallergenic infant formula. In addition, one in three moms stated they were fearful they would not be able to afford the appropriate relief for their baby.

See the Full Survey Results

The Cost of Colic Survey
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