Perrigo Nutrition Introduces First and Only U.S. Store Brand Hypoallergenic Infant Formula

The Cost of Colic Due to CMA Just Went Down:

Perrigo Nutrition Introduces First and Only U.S. Store Brand Hypoallergenic Infant Formula

New Survey Reveals Store Brand Hypoallergenic Infant Formula Provides Solution for Mom's Number One Complaint—Price

Although hypoallergenic infant formula was first developed in 1942, there have been no store brand options available to consumers—until now. Perrigo Nutrition, maker of all Store Brand Infant Formula, has introduced a U.S. Store Brand Hypoallergenic Infant Formula that compares to the nutrition of name-brand hypoallergenic formulas Nutramigen® and Similac® Alimentum®.1

Now, for the first time, parents can choose a store brand formula that is clinically tested to manage cow's milk allergies (CMA) and helps babies avoid colic due to CMA.2 The new formula is the first and only store brand (generic) extensively hydrolyzed infant formula that meets the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Committee on Nutrition's guidelines for hypoallergenic formulas. Store Brand Hypoallergenic Infant Formula also costs less, allowing families to save at least 22% or $75 per month compared to leading name brands.3

The price of name-brand hypoallergenic infant formulas exceeds $200 a month, costing parents almost three times as much as standard or routine formulas.4 A recent survey conducted by Perrigo Nutrition in conjunction with OnePoll of 1,289 American mothers whose child suffered from colic and/or CMA revealed price as the number one complaint about hypoallergenic infant formula.5 In addition, one in three moms stated they were fearful they would not be able to afford the appropriate relief for their baby. More than half of those moms (52 percent) would have also purchased a lower-cost generic store brand hypoallergenic infant formula option if it were available.

"Parents and pediatricians have been asking us for a Store Brand Hypoallergenic formula for years," said Cynthia M. Barber, Ph.D., Perrigo's Senior Director of Innovation and Medical Affairs, and lead study author of the company's clinical study on its new hypoallergenic product. "We invested significantly in one of the largest clinical studies ever conducted on children with CMA to test the efficacy of this groundbreaking new formula. Having a baby with CMA is challenging enough without the added stress of exorbitantly priced formulas. Seventy-six percent of moms recently surveyed stated they would have ‘paid anything' to provide relief for their baby with CMA and/or colic. Now they don't have to. Our new Store Brand Hypoallergenic Infant Formula gives families a more affordable option in a category where there has been little choice. And hopefully that's one less thing to worry about."

Parents and caregivers of infants with CMA are challenged to provide complete nutrition at a time of life when breast milk or infant formula is a mainstay of the baby's diet. Not surprisingly, the survey responses revealed a range of emotions felt by moms during this time, including feeling frustrated (49 percent), overwhelmed (33 percent) and anxious (28 percent).

"As a pediatrician, I have seen the emotional, physical and financial tolls that a child with CMA and CMA-related colic symptoms can have on families struggling to provide relief for their baby," said Dr. Jen Trachtenberg, board-certified pediatrician and parenting expert. "A generic hypoallergenic infant formula is a huge win for parents because they now have an effective and affordable solution that provides complete nutrition, just like the more expensive name brands. In fact, the clinical study revealed 98.3% of children with confirmed CMA did not have an allergic reaction when using Store Brand Hypoallergenic infant formula, demonstrating it to be effective in managing CMA.2 I encourage my fellow pediatricians to recommend Store Brand Hypoallergenic Infant Formula to their patients. More information for pediatricians is available on"

Store Brand Hypoallergenic Infant Formula provides complete nutrition and is iron-fortified, lactose-free and designed for infants who are allergic to the intact proteins in cow's milk. Features and benefits of the more affordable Store Brand Hypoallergenic Infant Formula include:

Formula - Hypoallergenic
Helps calm colic due to CMA2
Clinically studied and tested to manage CMA2
Nutritionally complete
Expert-recommended DHA for brain support6
Probiotic to help support digestive health
Non-GMO (ingredients not genetically engineered)7
No artificial growth hormones8
Certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union – (U)D

Store Brand Hypoallergenic Infant Formula is already available at Walmart, Target, Kroger, Walgreens, CVS, Meijer, HEB, Topco and Amazon.

About Store Brand Infant Formula

Store Brand Infant Formulas recently garnered national media attention in Wirecutter, the product recommendation service from The New York Times. After spending 60+ hours reviewing and comparing more than 55 baby formulas, interviewing experts and reviewing more than 20 scientific studies, Wirecutter has released "The Best Baby Formula" guide and named Perrigo-manufactured Store Brand Infant Formulas among top recommendations.

Perrigo Nutrition, makers of all Store Brand Infant Formula, helps make lives better by providing quality, affordable self-care products. Store Brand Infant Formula is SNAP eligible and manufactured in FDA-inspected facilities in Vermont and Ohio, U.S.A. Dairy ingredients are sourced from leading dairy markets, including the United States, Canada, Europe and New Zealand. Perrigo Nutrition is also fully compliant with the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Code, which certifies that a supplier's food safety and quality management system complies with this international and domestic food-safety standard.

1 Nutramigen® is a registered trademark of Mead Johnson & Co. Similac® and Alimentum® are registered trademarks of Abbott Laboratories. Store Brand Hypoallergenic Infant Formula is NOT made by or affiliated with Abbott Laboratories or Mead Johnson & Co.

2 Barber, C, Prieto, P.A., Wallingford, J.C. (2018). A Double-Blind, Randomized, Crossover Allergy Study of an Extensively Hydrolyzed Casein Formula. Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences. This randomized, single administration DBOFC showed Store Brand Hypoallergenic Infant Formula is effective in managing cow's milk allergy and satisfied established AAP criteria for hypoallergenic formulas.

3 Calculations based cost per pound with average weekly usage of 1.5 pounds of powder the first year using Perrigo's MSRP for a 12.6oz container of Store Brand Hypoallergenic Infant Formula compared to pricing for Nutramigen® 12.6oz container based on June 2021 IRi Market Advantage annual retail sales data of powder infant formula. MSRP is manufacturer-suggested pricing only, retailers alone set pricing, cost savings may vary.

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5 Perrigo Nutrition "The Cost of Colic" Survey, 2020

6 World Health Organization recommended amount of DHA is 0.2% - 0.36% of total fatty acids. Recommendation from Interim Summary of Conclusions and Dietary Recommendations on Total Fat & Fatty Acids.

7 The product may contain trace levels of genetically engineered material, such as from process sources and manufacturing environments. More information can be found at

8 No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from RBST-treated and Non-RB-Treated cows.