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Government Shutdown Impacts WIC Program, Threatens Supply of Free Formula for Babies

Study Finds WIC Moms Are Unaware That Store Brand Infant Formula Provides the Same Nutritional Value -- At 50 Percent Savings***

Gordonsville, VA, October 7, 2013 -- According to media reports, the Government Shutdown may impact millions of moms and babies. Last week, the federal government stopped funding the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children, also known as WIC. Approximately 9 million mothers and children rely on WIC vouchers for food, breastfeeding support, and infant formula dispensed at clinics nationwide.

While the U.S. Department of Agriculture has reallocated funding to cover WIC program costs for the rest of October, the threat of funding interruptions highlights another available resource: less expensive but equally nutritious Store Brand Infant Formulas sold at leading retail, grocery, and drug stores such as Walmart, Target, Kroger, Sam’s Club, and CVS.

A recent study published in Clinical Pediatrics* revealed that two-thirds of families in the WIC program admit their supply of infant formula gets depleted before they’re eligible to receive the next month’s supply. Unfortunately the study also found that moms on the WIC program simply don’t know that Store Brand Infant Formulas are nutritionally comparable to name brand formula.

"While the media reports that most states will be able to continue WIC operations as usual for the month of October before running out of baby formula, there is escalating, immediate concern that mothers across the country will not have access to WIC vouchers for formula like they are used to," said Scott Jamison, General Manager of Perrigo Nutritionals. "Many parents don’t realize they can safely switch their babies to a Store Brand Infant Formula. All infant formula brands must meet the same FDA standards – this includes Store Brand Infant Formula. Moms don't have to compromise on nutrition to realize savings and value."

A clinical study by University of Virginia pediatric medical researchers found that switching baby formula brands is safe and well tolerated in infants. In the study, babies who were switched from a name brand infant formula to a store brand infant formula did not experience an increase in spit up, burping, gas, crying or irritability, compared to babies who continued using the name brand.

"Hopefully the government shutdown will end soon and the WIC Program will continue to support families as it has been for decades," added Jamison. "In the meantime, we want parents who feed their babies infant formula to know that store brands are an available resource and an economically viable alternative to the formula they receive with WIC vouchers."

Store Brand Infant Formulas are clinically proven to support growth and development** and are tolerated as well as expensive name brands such as Similac® and Enfamil®. Store brands are nutritionally comparable to name brand formulas yet typically cost half the price. This saves parents up to $600 a year on infant formula.***

About Store Brand Infant Formula

Store Brand Infant Formulas are manufactured in the United States in Vermont and Ohio factories. These facilities are ISO 9001:2015-certified and fully compliant with the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Program, which certifies a supplier's food safety and quality management system complies with international and domestic food safety regulations. For more information, coupons for baby formula, and to enter free formula sweepstakes, visit

*Clin Pediatr (Phila). 2012 Mar;51(3):238-43

**Premium and Advantage® formulas studied before the addition of prebiotics

***Retail prices are from a July 2013 retail price survey of national retail stores. Actual prices and savings may vary by store and location.

Enfamil® is a registered trademark of Mead Johnson & Co. Similac® is a registered trademark of Abbott Laboratories. Store Brand Infant Formula is not made by or affiliated with Mead Johnson & Co. or Abbott Laboratories.

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