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New, Innovative Infant Formula Package. Same Quality Nutrition.

Store brand infant formulas are clinically proven to support growth and development†. Many of these formulas also include the latest ingredients in baby nutritional science such as Lutein, DHA & ARA, Prebiotics, and increased Vitamin D.

No wonder more moms switch to store brand infant formula than any other brand.*

What are the features of the new SmarTub™ packaging?

  • CleanPull™ - Cleanly removes foil with one pull
  • SimpleSlide™ - No mess scoop holder
  • AccuMeasure™ - The first integrated scoop leveler

Is the SmarTub™ available now?

Yes it is! The SmarTub™ has started to ship nationwide and it will be arriving at a retailer near you soon. Search for the closest retailer where you can buy store brand infant formulas.

Where is the SmarTub™ available?

The SmarTub™ is available at major retailers across the country. Find the retailers nearest you.

Why isn't Soy available in the SmarTub™?

Due to allergen concerns, the soy formula is packaged in a different line.

For more information please call our customer service at 1-800-272-5095.

†Premium and Advantage® formulas, studied before the addition of Prebiotics.
*Brand tracking study, Forerunner Strategy, September, 2011.

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